"Dirty hands cannot wipe away your tears."

"Strength can only be achieved by accepting your weaknesses."

"Even though something is meant to be well intentioned, it doesn't mean it's right."


Name: Zhiming Blodau

Title: Maiden of the Blosom           

Race: Human

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Height: 6' 2 (188 cm)

Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)

Fighting Style: Iron Maiden

Weapons: Bladed Sash, and Hair

Birthplace: Red Forest

Birthdate: June 8th

Main Theme: - Lugia's Song Remix


Zhiming is rather tall for a woman and has beutiful, long pink hair. She has lovely grey eyes. She wears a pair of white pearls that are really made of dust. She also wears fish net stockings an violet and pink heels. Her dress is violet with a pink trim. She also always has a pink and violet flower in her hair.


Zhiming is a very kind person and never thinks twice about helping someone in need. She would never let someone go on a journey alone. She can also show true light side and gives judgement to those who are evil. She can also be a little rash and is easy to jump to conclusions and fight people who are out numbering a person. She also does not have many posesions and prefers not to, but the one she does have is a flute that she cheroshes and plays special songs.


Zhiming's weapon is a bladed sash that she can maipulate. Her sash is made of an indestructable black fabric with a chain of blades on the sides and a blade on the tip . She can manipulate her hair into anthing she wants. She can also uses her rose as a weapon and uses the petals as a weapon. They can also multiply.

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