"As I pass through the lengthy struggle of life in this fleeting world, I cannot help but long for the midnight moon I once saw."

Overveiw Edit

Name: Verlassene Plentyn

Nickname: Verl

Title: Warrior Doll

She is supposed to have green eyes (I messed up)


Verl with her wings

Race: Demon

Age: unknown

Height: 4'4 (132 cam)

Weight: 88 lbs (40 kg)

Birthplace: A place of flowers

Birthdate: October 30th

Color: White

Weapons: Mystic Mirrior

Likes: Her Allies

DIslikes: Most Humans, Her Master



Verl is very short for someone her age and has long pink hair. She as green eyes with no pupils. She usually has her hair in pigtails with two black ribbons and two skulls. She wears a black dress with white strips. She also wears black stockings and white shoes. She also has a white bow around her neck and a large white one on her back. She also has a large scar over her right eye. She also has a pair of hidden wings.


Verlassene is basicly emotionless and only shows emotion to those close to her. She can be very cold and callus to people and is very quite and stoic.


Verl's mirror can steal the souls of those reflected in it. Once a soul was trapped by her mirror, Verl can control that person's body to carry out her bidding. However, the mirror could be overwhelmed by an especially powerful soul. It can also reflect almost any attack back at the sender. It is impossible to detect Verl without actually seeing her because she has no aura or presence about her even though she is very powerful. She cen even disappear and reappear at will. Verl can also

Verl is based off of Kanna and this is what her mirror looks like

shoot differnt types of magic bolts at her enemies. The mirror could also create a glass demon to copy the abilities of whatever it reflects, though Verl herself suffers damage when the glass demon is wounded, making it a walking Voodoo doll. Verl's mirror can also shoot beams of magic at her oppnent.
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