"How about I make a fur coat out of you?" --Vergil


Appearence-Look at the pictures.

Personality-He usually is nice a makes jokes, however gets angered when people talk down to him. He also hates anything that eats rabbits. 

Bio-Vergil is a bunny, and a skilled warrior. When he was young he and his mother were captured by trappers. His mother was eaten, and he became their "pet". After about a year of enslavment he was going to be eaten. Taking one of the kitchen knives, he slaughtered all of his captors and escaped.

A wanted man after his escape, Vergil took swordsmanship lessons from a master of the same name. After his master's death, he began to moved to a small forest to aid in defending fellow bunnies from beowolves. This is where he is to this day...


Tragate is Vergil's primary weapon. It's a curved blade and is diamond-hard. However Tragate is not Vergil's only weapon. He also carries a Pugio dagger, Glock 19, and an AK47. Note each of these weapons are smaller that way they can be used effectively.

Other notable qualitiesEdit

Vergil's most useful weapon however is his appearance. He is small and adorable, making him harder to see under brush, and people typically wont kill a cute little animal running in a forest.

He is a skilled swordsmen and marksmen. He has read and memorized the Art of War. He is blind in his left eye. He is very agile, able to jump high and move quickly.

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