Chatlog of a fanon-related argument

Thanks to Firefunbro for providing the parts I missed





How be Hope?




very very bad...












rain got arrested  ;(

i thinkim gunna go have annother mental brekdown...









What for?



wait hat



aaaannnd silence





Captain Yes

We're good at being dead.



zzz. I'm dead so don't touch me. zzz. XD



hope dafuq happended?

okay hope isnt taalknig

new yopic?



Captain Yes

What's the deal with airline food?




gunna go stress eat...


Captain Yes

Oh, welcome back.




~a short break~


Hi Hope






You okay?





Yo Hope.




brb gunna go cry again...

~another short break~






wb Hope.


Captain Yes

Welcome back.




my habds are cold and wet...

and salty



What did you do??




Hope16 - 5

33 Runato - 

5:35 Tsubori - 

5:37 Captain Yes - 

5:37 Tsubori So yeah. 

5:38 Captain Yes Yep. 

5:38 ThanhnuFia - 

5:38 Hope16 ... 

5:38 Tsubori indeed Okay, seriously, Hope? 

Ember Celica has joined the chat. 

5:44 Hope16 no 

5:45 Tsubori Why can I not have the last of my staff be up with the others? 

5:45 Hope16 tried asking or telling me first? 

5:45 Tsubori I did Hope. Many times. 

5:45 Hope16 i dont think so... 

5:45 Tsubori But you and rain always went "No, no, don't."  

ThanhnuFia has left the chat. 

5:46 Hope16 no 

5:46 Tsubori Which is downright unfair, for us to make ONE member of my staff 

not the same rank as the others. 

5:47 Hope16 does he really need it? 

5:47 Tsubori Yes. 

5:47 Hope16 why? 

5:47 Tsubori For editing of locked topics and such. ThanhnuFia has joined the 


5:47 Captain Yes Welcome back. 

5:47 Hope16 already enough people for that there is very little locked pages 


5:47 Tsubori What makes Cy worse than Flora and Torr? 

5:48 Hope16 nothing you just put flora first and torr was made admin by rain 

5:48 ThanhnuFia Tsu 

5:48 Tsubori Which leaves a solitary member of my staff with no position. 

5:48 ThanhnuFia did Rain ask you to pick one admin while he pick one ? in PM 

in the main wiki ? 

5:49 Tsubori Yes, why? 

5:49 ThanhnuFia and you didn't mention picking Cy ? 

Ember Celica has left the chat. 

5:50 Tsubori I've said since long before then that I wanted all three of you 

to be admins 

5:51 ThanhnuFia and Rain said you agree to his request of picking one admin ? 

5:51 Tsubori Hope, I don't see why you're so desperately opposed to this.

5:51 Hope16 im not opposed to it i never said i was  :/  

5:51 Tsubori At the time, yes. But now I feel Cy should be on par with the 

other people of his same rank. 

5:51 ThanhnuFia Hope, you never care about the fanon why bother ? 

5:52 Hope16 Flora, go away there are 3 crats on this wiki at least talk to one 

5:52 ThanhnuFia right, 3 crat that mean you need to pick an admin too /shrugs 

5:52 Hope16 id pick tewa 

5:52 ThanhnuFia that's cute 

5:52 Hope16 ... 

5:54 ThanhnuFia - 

5:55 Tsubori Seriously, Hope. This is just immature. 

5:56 ThanhnuFia Jeez 5:56 Hope16 what is? 

5:56 ThanhnuFia two options, Hope. Either we make a new fanon and move our 

crap there or you let us run the wiki in a professional way it's not a 


5:57 Hope16 its not supposed to be

Tsubori Hope, if it comes down to it, I can send an email to Wikia. 

5:57 Hope16 if you want to run it in a professional way, then you have to 

consider the otehr powers 

5:58 ThanhnuFia like ? you never care about this wiki 

5:58 Hope16 what d you know? i do care 

5:58 ThanhnuFia do explain 

5:58 Hope16 ive been here longer than anybody else 

5:58 ThanhnuFia and ? 

5:58 Hope16 i got emotional aboutit 

5:59 Tsubori But when did you ever make anything fanon related. Or try to fix 

the issues the Fanon had? 

5:59 ThanhnuFia yeah, sure, you can have it, we can make a new one 

5:59 Hope16 i did... you just dont ever look... then go make a new one 

6:00 Tsubori You're going to press us that Far hope? 

6:00 ThanhnuFia it took people three months to get this wiki back on track 

6:00 Hope16 im not pressing anybody 

6:00 Tsubori When you could just allow me to promote Cy? 

6:00 Hope16 i would if you asked before hand or discussed it before hand i'm 

hoping rain comes back tomorrow try asking him

6:01 Tsubori Other than that hes the staff I selected as elected Crat? 

6:02 Captain Yes Welcome back. 

6:02 Hope16 you selected flora 

6:03 Tsubori AND Cyrus. AND Toerrent 

6:03 Hope16 no... rain chose towent 

6:03 ThanhnuFia Torrent is promoted after the voting semi ended 

6:03 Tsubori Yes, Hope. Those are the staff I chose. 

6:03 Hope16 no it's not fair that you gt to choose all the staff 

6:04 Tsubori I didn't 

6:04 Hope16 you were going to  -_-  

6:04 Tsubori The people voted for Torr. 

6:04 Hope16 rain was going to make towent admin anyway 

6:04 ThanhnuFia now who can prove that unless you're Rain 

6:04 Hope16 i can, and rain can 

6:04 Tsubori  -.-  

6:05 ThanhnuFia Listen, Hope 

6:05 Tsubori Seriously hope, why do you want this to fail so badly? What hurts 

you if Cy is an Admin? 

6:05 ThanhnuFia This wiki would be dead if Tsu isn't a crat it's a RWBY fanon, 

not a built your own anime 

6:06 Hope16 tsu chased most of the people off the first time he tried to make 


6:06 ThanhnuFia and you can't simply accept the RP rules 

6:06 Tsubori MOST?! 

6:06 Hope16 i never sid i didnt accept them 

6:06 Tsubori Hope! Two people! 

6:06 ThanhnuFia you never let them through 

6:06 Hope16 a lot more than that. 

6:06 ThanhnuFia it stay pending for how long ? 

6:06 Hope16 because they could still be improved 

6:07 ThanhnuFia like ? 

6:07 Tsubori Terra and Tomai. And they're back, rules and all.

6:07 Hope16 and your method of excecuting them still can be better 

6:07 ThanhnuFia Heck, even Tomai sent her OC to the sue clan for review 

6:07 Hope16 i want alking about the recent ones 

6:07 ThanhnuFia Tomai's OC and she made changes 

6:07 Hope16 that only shwos that changes are coming through now 

6:07 ThanhnuFia no one is leaving, more people are coming in 

6:08 Hope16 the first time round, you messed up 

6:08 ThanhnuFia and it's not your help 

MrxReDnEsSX274 has joined the chat. 

6:08 ThanhnuFia you didn't do shit 

6:08 Hope16 neither did you 

6:08 ThanhnuFia said you 

6:08 MrxReDnEsSX274 hey guys 

6:08 Hope16 says you  -_-  

6:08 ThanhnuFia said you, because you left the wiki for how long ?

6:08 Hope16 never 

6:08 Captain Yes Hey, Jordan. 

6:08 Hope16 i just stopped editing i still watch it 

6:09 ThanhnuFia that's as close as leaving 

6:09 Hope16 no, its not 

6:09 MrxReDnEsSX274 whats going on? 

6:09 ThanhnuFia I throw an entire contest and dish out prize for people to 

improve and you did what ? 

6:09 Hope16 set everything up 

6:09 ThanhnuFia hah, everyone can do that 

6:09 Hope16 then do it go make your own and leave me alone 

6:10 ThanhnuFia I won't 

6:10 Hope16 then shut up 

6:10 ThanhnuFia because there are people who doesn't know you and I won't shut 


6:10 Hope16 i dont want to take more abuse from idiots like you the at least 

fuck off 

6:10 ThanhnuFia who know you won't delete this wiki all together ? just to 

fuck with all of us ? 

6:10 Tsubori Hilarious that this started because I want equality for my staff. 

6:10 MrxReDnEsSX274 guys please stop 

6:10 Hope16 i cant delete the wiki anyway, genius -_- 

6:10 ThanhnuFia you can

6:11 Hope16 no, i cant goes to show how much you know 

6:11 ThanhnuFia yes you can if you're the founder 

6:11 Hope16 no, you really cant 

6:11 ThanhnuFia I've asked the staff in the community wiki 

6:11 Hope16 you cant it's a request process 

6:11 ThanhnuFia they said some founder can delete 

6:11 Hope16 not immeditate no, i cant AquaFlare has joined the chat. 

6:11 Captain Yes Hey, Aqua. 

6:11 ThanhnuFia hi Aqua 6:12 AquaFlare Hey guys 

6:12 MrxReDnEsSX274 hey flare 

6:12 Tsubori In all seriousness hope, can you please let my promote Cy? 

6:12 ThanhnuFia and what if you are doing it behind our back and suddenly the 

staff deleted it ? explain it then

6:12 Hope16 no, because flora 

6:12 ThanhnuFia it takes time, sure, but who know 

DarthxHurricane has joined the chat. 

6:12 Hope16 no flora it's a request process 

6:13 Tsubori Oh, for fuck's sake's. I'm emailing Wikia. 

6:13 Hope16 if people are still on the wiki, they cant delete it 

DarthxHurricane has left the chat. 

6:13 Hope16 Tsu, what is your problem? 

6:13 ThanhnuFia just let Tsu promote Cy and get over with it 

6:13 Hope16  :cookie:  

6:13 ThanhnuFia Cy can make a good admin 

6:13 Hope16 why does he get to have his way? 

6:13 Tsubori I want all my staff on equal ground.

ThanhnuFia because it is suppose to be like that 

6:13 Hope16 but he doesn teven need it... 

6:14 AquaFlare whats the problem know? now* jeez 

6:14 ThanhnuFia Hope doesn't want Cy as an admin 

6:14 Hope16 if you want your staff on even ground, you might as well make 

everyone crat 

6:14 Tsubori Aqua, my staff are Flora, Cy and Torrent And Hope refuses to let 

me put Cy up. And Cy alone. 

6:14 AquaFlare Why? 

6:14 ThanhnuFia because duh, she's Hope 

6:15 Hope16 flora, just go away' 

6:15 ThanhnuFia no 

6:15 Hope16 you're not helping youre making it worse 

6:15 ThanhnuFia said the one who use Rain's account to fuck the main wiki

ThanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 

Tsubori has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia.

6:15 Tsubori Hope. Seriously? 

6:15 Hope16 she insulted me... 

6:16 Tsubori She stated a fact. 

6:16 Hope16 it's not cy that's the problem anyway 

6:16 Tsubori That's the problem with you two hope. 

6:16 Hope16 ... 

6:16 Tsubori Stating something that happened is NOT an insult. 

ThanhnuFia has joined the chat. T

hanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 

Tsubori has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia. 

6:16 Tsubori And banning people off the fly is not the way to go about it. 

6:17 Hope16 she's insulting me about it 

ThanhnuFia has joined the chat. 

ThanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 6

17 Tsubori No, she isn't ! 6
17 Hope16 it hurts my feelings 

Tsubori has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia. 

6:17 Hope16 she is! 

6:17 Tsubori HOPE! 

6:17 Hope16 Shutup! i have enough streess right now already i miss my brother  

ThanhnuFia has joined the chat.

6:17 AquaFlare what happened? 

ThanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 


Tsubori has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia. 

6:17 MrxReDnEsSX274 lets all take a deep breath and calm down 

ThanhnuFia has joined the chat. 

6:18 Tsubori Seriously Hope. 

ThanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 

Tsubori has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia. 

6:18 MrxReDnEsSX274 before this gets anymore irrationaal 

6:18 AquaFlare Hope, what happened to Rain? 

6:19 Hope16 not saying in public

ThanhnuFia has joined the chat. 

6:19 Hope16 stay out of chat until this is finished please 

Runato has been kicked by Hope16. 

6:19 Hope16 whoops... 

6:19 AquaFlare PM me? 

ThanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 

Tsubori has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia. 

6:19 Hope16 Run come back, im swy  ;(  

6:19 Tsubori Hope, look at what you're doing for a second. 

6:19 MrxReDnEsSX274 its nott right or fair 

ThanhnuFia has joined the chat. 

6:19 Tsubori You're acting like a child. 

ThanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 

Tsubori has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia. 

6:20 Hope16 i am a child (technically) 

DarthxHurricane has joined the chat. 

ThanhnuFia has joined the chat. 

ThanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 

6:20 Tsubori Then why do you deem yourself the be-all end all for the Fanon? 

Tsubori has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia. 

6:20 Hope16 i dont want flora a part of this conversation leave her until we 

finish please 

6:20 Tsubori *sigh* fine. Okay, let me get my points across.

6:20 Hope16 ...sry tsu rain situation is getting me pretty upset  ;(  

6:22 Tsubori The fanon has evolved beyond what it was made for. You made it 

for fanfiction, which is maybe 3% of what it is now. Nobody understands RPing 

like I do, and now RPing is pretty much the whole POINT of the Fanon. It's 

easily the main focus. 

6:23 Hope16 im never said it wasnt 

6:23 Tsubori And I know from experience that it's better to have more mods 

than you need than to have too few. 

6:23 Hope16 i understand why you want more staff, but he doesnt really need 

it. any user can remove forum posts 

6:24 Tsubori Then what's the point of ANYONE being a listed moderator? On any 

forum. It's a matter of presentation. 

6:24 Hope16 this isnt a normal forum this is a wiki admin only makes it easier 

to edit and ban users 

6:25 Tsubori One that is functioning exactly like an RP forum. 

6:25 Hope16 normal users can still moderate. technically 

PrimeXam has joined the chat. 

ThanhnuFia has joined the chat. 

ThanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 

Tsubori has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia. 

6:25 Hope16 .... 

6:26 Tsubori Don't worry, I just told her.

6:26 Hope16 oh, ok thank you 

ThanhnuFia has joined the chat. 

ThanhnuFia has been banned by Hope16 . 

6:26 Hope16 dont... i'll do it myself later 

6:27 Tsubori None. 

6:27 Hope16  ????  i dont get it... 

6:27 Tsubori The "CoSF" as it was doesn't exist anymore. 

6:27 Hope16 ok... what aer you calling it then? 

6:28 Tsubori Now "CoSF" is just a funny way of saying admin. 

6:28 Hope16 ... :/ 

6:28 Tsubori As in, a new admin becomes a new member of the CoSF 

6:28 Hope16 so rain and i are cosf too? 

6:29 Tsubori No. 

6:29 Hope16 then its not fair... 

6:29 Tsubori CoSF only applies to those who're working in the RP section.

DarthxHurricane has left the chat. 

6:29 Hope16 you should have said that... at least call it something so that 

people know maybe just RP council or something 

6:30 Tsubori Give me an alternate title with powers identical to admin and 

I'll use that. 

6:30 Hope16 i just said RP Council rain can handle the tags when/if he ever 

comes back... ... ;( *poke* 

6:34 MrxReDnEsSX274 ouch 

6:34 Hope16  :(  my hands are cold... 

6:34 Tsubori Hope, I don't have authorization to make groups. 

6:34 Hope16 i want rin to warm them up to me... *rain you dont need to just 

make them admin, and ... can give them a special tag 

6:36 Tsubori How do I go about it? 

6:36 Hope16 go about what? 

6:36 Tsubori Adding the tag 

6:36 Hope16 oh... um... :rain: can do that (doesnt want to say her brother's 

name in fear of having anotehr mental breakdown) 

6:37 Tsubori Alright. Leave Cy as he is then, and have him add the tag to 

Torr, Flora and him, okay? 

6:38 Hope16 what do you want to call the tag? actually nv,

ask him when he comes back

6:38 Hope16 afk... gunna go cry... 

6:39 Runato All done? 

6:39 Tsubori I think so. Flora's coming back now. 

Hope16 has ended the Chat ban for ThanhnuFia. 

6:39 MrxReDnEsSX274 yay 

6:39 Hope16 brb, mental breakdown again 

6:39 AquaFlare It will be ok Hoe Hope*

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