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Name: Ulicia Hawke

Sex: Female

Fighting style: Berserker

Age: 22

Weight: 116 pounds

Height: 5'7

Appearence: She has complete heterochromia in her eyes, one is silver and the other blue. She has short, black hair and black wings that enable her to fly. Her wings are as durable as steel and with them she can fly 102 miles per hour. She wears Mark 2 TUNA armor and boots. She wears gloves with small spikes on them and a holster at her side.

Weapons: Composite bow and arrow, war club, war lance, tomahawk, 1851 Navy revolver, and Mark 2 TUNA armor.

Bio: Ulicia Hawke was born into a Native American tribe that was relocated during the trail of tears. During this tragic time her tribe was wiped out, along with countless other casualties from other tribes. Then, in the dark of night, she fled from the soldiers and recovered weaponry used by her tribe. Suddenly, from above came the Thunderbird. The creature guided Ulicia to a portal and blessed her with wings before sending her in, bringing her to modern times.

She immediantly was intorduced to the President who gave her a quick lesson in history to what happened. The President then recruited her for Team TUNA, an elite force of the military were she found a new home. She was given Mark 2 TUNA armor, a prototype designed to take bullets whilst keeping the user at normal speeds. This is a valuable tool for Ulicia as mobility is what makes her so deadly, especially with the wings she received from the Thunderbird. 

Personality: She is generally a kind person, wishing to save animals if at all possible. She enjoys combat, hoping to honor her tribe by defeating any enemies she can find and she is close friends with Neder Norris and The President.

Likes: Native American Mythology, Team TUNA, history, and animals.

Dislikes: Evil, those who are out to destroy history, propaganda.

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