"I am the wind...The free wind..."

"If a man loses his head, I'll put it back on. If he's cut down to size, he can still tag along. He's simply dancing my un-dead dance."


Name: Trauer Gwynt

Title: Master of Wind

Sex: Male

Race: Half-Demon

Color: Black


Height: 6' 2 (190 cm)

Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)

Weapons: Fortecs

Likes: His Allies

Dislikes: His Master



Trauer has red hair with one blue eye and one brown one. He always has his hair long over his blue eye and short over his brown. He loves his hat and never takes it off and would be crushed if he lost it. He wears a white tee-shirt and a white coat that only has one button. He also wears white pants an has black gloves.


Trauer only really talks to his allies and can be very awkward around ne people. He is always with his best freind Verl and protects her from many things so she doesnt hurt her self, he also prevents her from using her glass demon to prevent her from pain. He also wont hold back in a fight no matter what especially if it involves Verl in any way.


Trauer does battle with a traditional fan named Fortecs both offensively and defensively, although his fighting style and powers border more so on the upfront-attacks. With his fan, he is able to call down a variety of wind-related powers, including and not limited to: summoning a large tornado, shooting out wind-blades, and resurrecting corpses as his personal sevents. He also has had extensive traing in martial arts incase he is fighting an enemy that his wind cant be used against.

  • Dance of Blades: Trauer waves his fan directly at the enemy, creating a wind gust that morphs as it travels through the air into a mass of crescent-shaped blades that can pierce through virtually anything. This is his most common attack.
  • Dance of the Dragons: This move summons several tornadoes to attack his enemies. They can pick up and
    Kagura Fan

    Trauer's fan

    throw opponents into the air as well as ripping them to shreds with massive wind power.
  • Wind Gust: Trauer waves his fan rapidly to create a simple strong gust of wind to blow his enemies away, good for defensive purposes or attacks.
  • Dance of the Dead: Trauer able to control corpses as if they were puppets, to either attack or distract enemies, or protect him from harm by utilizing them as shields. Since  victims are already dead, they are practically invincible, there being few ways to destroy them. When his control on his victims is released, they foam at the mouth and collapse.
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