Weight-119 pounds.


Weapons-Large varity of magical knives and daggers, hidden gun, tomahawk. Example of magical effects from the weapons are limited fire, ice, water, electric, and acidic powers. The hidden gun is mounted on her wrist and fires many different ammo types, examples are arrows, .45 ACP rounds, knives, or grapple hooks.

Appearance-Look at the image.

Personality-A calm, calculating woman who enjoys a tough challenge and a large paycheck. She doesn't typically sing.

Bio-As a child she operated in a small religious cult as "The Finder". Her job was to capture targets for sacrifice. One day however, highly trained soldiers stormed the cult's base whilst she was out finding her target. The entire cult was eliminated and she was then captured by said soldiers. She was taken to The President who erased all her memories and sent her to train to fight in team TUNA.

Training-Despite having a majority of her memory wiped clean, Tira still remembered some areas of her cult's training. The training received specialized in assassination, which became a vital tool during operations in TUNA. She received more training from various military structures so that she would be up to par of other TUNA members. She trained in SOCP, Tae Kwon Do, CQC, and in marksmanship. She is capable of hitting a target 64 meters away with a throwing knife, inflicting enough damage to kill. She is capable of disarming an opponent and using their own weapon against them, this is how she acquired her "hidden gun".

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