Have you ever been insulted? Trolled? Raged at for being a decent human? Are you tired of those on the internet who don't care about their fellow humans? Those who seem to defy logic in their obsessiveness for a character? Or defy logic in their ability to write a paragraph where all of it is hate, yet none of it makes sense?

Then join The Shadow of Reckoning! Alone, we are weak. We fight and struggle, but in the end we can't win. But together, we can fight, we can struggle, and eventually we can annihilate those who spread injustice! For we shall be, KNIGHTS FOR JUSTICE!

What do you do?Edit

As a Black Knight, you can ask for our help at any time. Simply post a comment showing an injustice, through either link or a screenshot, and it will be reviewed by our top members.

After we have determined that an injustice was done of our level, the top members will post a "TOS (followed by the commiter of injustice's name)". Then if he is seen on the original page of the original site where the injustice was commited, he may be attacked. He will not be followed to other pages, though if he has a user page, you may comment on that and tell people what he is like.

If he commited a particularly grave attack, we will  issue the order "Hunt him down" in reply to the original comment, and all other members will go and attack the person who commited this injustice. We will insure to not do anything that can get us banned, but will take it up to that limit, including following that person to other sites. This may be done no matter what site they are on.

It is highly encouraged that you try to look like the good guy. Show others what he is like through his responses. Never post unless it is in reply to something he posted, unless that particular site does not have a reply function. This insures that we don't look like trolls or (excuse my french) assholes ourselves.

It is highly recommended that if you are on a Hunt, that you make a new account for it. Certain sites can ban your email or IP, thus making it harder to work in those areas. It would also help if you make a new email for your Black Knight accounts. None of this is necessary to join, but it is highly recommended.

How to joinEdit

Leave a comment saying, "Hail Black Knights, (place reason you want to join here)" This is mainly to make sure you actually read this, instead of skipping to the end. It will be reviewed by me, and once more hace joined, the other 3 top members.

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