The President is the founder of Team TUNA and is created by Celina Kaiza. Please don't change anything on the page without permission from her.

A hero is born...bored...Edit

I ride a dinosaur into combat. Why you ask? Well WHY THE F*CK NOT?
— The President

Name: The President.

Sex: Male.

Fighting style: Mounted

Birthplace: Volcano.

Age: 32

Height: 6'2

Weight: 156 pounds.

Likes: Mounts, weapons, fighting, leading Team TUNA, eating pizza, making terrible jokes.

Dislikes: Pacifists, pirates, fruit and vegitables, people with litle knowlage, vampires, beowolves, Spinosaurus, rappers, anyone who hates Team TUNA.

The President is the founder of Team TUNA. He is known as "The President" despite being the king of the Yellow Kingdom. The President is an expereinced combatant who has fought in several wars within his life. The President is loved throughout the Yellow Kingdom due to succussully negotiating peace with the Black Kingdom.

The President was born in a volcano and he then became the monarch of Yellow Kingdom by asking nicely. He then founded Team TUNA and lead his kingdom to war against the Red Kingdom. He defeated the Red Kingdom and killed their king then returned to the Yellow Kingdom, leaving the Red Kingdom in ruins. To this day he rules his kingdom, terrifying his neighbors but pleasing his followers.


The President is always seen wearing a suit. He wears dark sunglasses when not in battle, otherwise he'll leave his head unprotected to strike fear into his enemy's hearts. He likes to make jokes, although most are terrible and get little laughs he continues in hopes someone may like his jokes. He has a great amount of knowlage of history and likes to make historical references in speeches. He loves to give speeches to inspire his followers.



The President rides into combat on Leo the Lion or Uzty the dinosaur. His main weapons are a lightsaber, crossbow with a wide varity of bolt types, TMP, RPG, and a really good looks. He however lacks magical weaponry and is forced to use normal weaponry, however he posses superhuman strength and durability to make that easier.

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