Name: Artemis Drake


Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation: Dust worker and weapons manufacturer

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 55 kg


Known professionally as The Dustman, Artemis was a prodigy of working with Dust since he was a small child. He was quickly apprenticed to one of the finest Dust workers in the land, and he soon surpassed his master in the art of Dust craftsmanship.  He has since become the most famous, and perhaps the best, Dust weapon creator.


Artemis has light brown hair, light green eyes, and prefers to dress in white and black clothing. He is usually seen with his work goggles on, although not usually on his eyes, and he is often wearing a backpack containing his Dust manipulation tools.


Artemis tends to be rather amiable, levelheaded, and friendly. However, he won't hesitate to criticize what he views as inferior Dust worksmanship, and he gets upset when someone points out a flaw in his work. He has some elements of competetiveness, and he's very supportive to those he sees as friends.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

When in combat, Artemis fights with a pair of DRPs, or Dust Refraction Pistols.  He's quite skilled with them, but overall in combat he's fairly inept, and is not a warrior by any stretch of imagination.  He'd prefer to hire a bodyguard to protect him if he thought himself in danger.


  • The Dustman was made when I noticed that pretty much every OC was a combat-oriented character, with hardly any in non-combat roles.
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