Name: Talic "The Crow" Ombren

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Occupation: Mercenary work

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 78 kg


Born as heir to the Ombren family fortune, Talic experienced an early life of wealth.  When political enemies bankrupted his family, and hired thugs attacked their household, Talic was the only one to escape, with little damage but a glancing blow that lost him his right eye. Talic was 8 when it happened. He escaped with nothing but an old coat he grabbed as he fled, and the family treasure - an eye made entirely from a powerful Dust crystal, later implanted in place of his dead right one. His family's downfall left him with a strong desire to protect people who can't protect themselves, like he couldn't when his family died.  He has lived the last 11 years of his life surviving on his own, fighting to survive.


Talic is a fairly tall man who wears an outfit consisting of black shoes with gold trim, black pants, a white undershirt, and a tattered black coat with gold trim. His ragtag appearance has earned him his epithet, "The Crow". He has medium-length untidy black hair and light purple eyes.  He has a large vertical scar covering his right eye.


Talic is a generally outspoken on issues he feels strongly about. He defends people, but only if stand up for themselves. He has general distaste for those who simply accept their fate without fighting for it.  Despite what he claims, he can't cook to save his life.  He is terrified by large bodies of water, as he can't swim, and any attempts to learn it have ended in failure. 

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Talic fights utilizing the ability to create a crystalline substance, thanks to the powerful dust crystal embedded in his right eye socket.  The hardness of the crystal is dependant on how focused he is on it, and when he's not intentionally putting his energy into it, it quickly grows weak. So if, for example, he passes out, the crystal cal be easily shattered. This lends itself to an incredibly versatile style of combat, allowing him to create any form of weapon, limited only by his imagination. He could also create armor, or a shield, or even a tool if he had to.

His combat style is largely based more on his agility as opposed to brute strength. He tends to dodge an incoming attack, despite how he could just as easily block it with his powers.

He is adept with swordfighting, using crystal swords, but he is by no means an expert, and he prefers to fight by manipulating his crystal.


  • Talic was originally going to have a black mask covering the bottom of his face, but the idea was scrapped to avoid cliche.
  • Talic's powers were conceptually based off of those of Gray Fullbuster from the manga Fairy Tail.
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