Apparently, despite being removed from power, Chaos is still abusing his power on the fanon.

One month ago, i was banned from the fanon at the same time as the main wiki. Chaos banned me from the main wiki, and apparently thought my general behavior was enough of a reason to ban me from the fanon as well, for a much longer time than I was banned from the main wiki. As I was then unable to tell anyone on the wiki's what had happened, he managed to get away with it.

Today, I was unbanned by Bori, who had decided my ban was unfair. Then promptly after his exit, Chaos banned me again. This time for one day. When I pointed out that it wasn't fair to cross wiki ban someone, as was proven in the Death vs. TSB case, where Death made the point that actions on another wiki have no bearing on other wikis, he just lowered it to an hour, still sure he was in the right.

These are the screenshots, from the argument held on chat.

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