Age: 19(Holly) and 21(Riseha)

Height: 5'6" and 5'10"

Weight: 125 and 138


Sex: Female

Bio: Born to royalty, these two sisters were betrothed at a young age to the heirs of the Shadow realm, Messorem. When they disappeared during the turmoil of the Shadow Kingdom on Altium where they were staying, they headed there to find them. Though they searched for years, they were never able to discover where they went. They eventually decided to stay there, forming many criminal ventures and organizations that would fund them both in their search.

Fighting Style: Riseha manipulates energies in bodies or items, allowing her to copy certain powers and also to imbue items and areas with certain abilities, including the ability to block powers. She has used this extensively in her slavery ring, allowing her to capture and sell people with powers. She is constantly hunting those with new powers, so that she can make herself immune to their power. This has become an obsession of hers. Holly uses her power to peer into peoples minds, seeing their worst fears and copying their appearance and powers. She manipulates their mind through powerful illusions, affecting their mind rather than the senses. This allows her to make illusions that even the greatest magicians can't see through. She uses this to make her powers even greater, making them believe it was their worst fear in front of them.

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