"You shouldn't seek all the answers; believe me. You may not like what you find.."


Name: Poterya Vera

Title: Spear of Love and Lust

Age: 22 (250)

Sex: Female

Race: Synthetic Life

Height: 5'9 (175 cm)

Weight: 125 lbs (56.699 kg)

Birthdate: May 8th

Weapon: Fingers

Fighting Style: Seduction

Likes: The idea of freedom

Dislikes: Humans and her Master



Poterya has long beautiful dark brown hair with darkred streaks and red eyes. She wears white pearls and a deep red and purple dress. She also wears red stockings and red and purple heels. She also always wears a deep red lipstick all the time. And a pair of deep red gloves.


Poterya despite her appearance she is very mild and kind to people. Even though her job forces her to act seductive to lure men to their death. She also wants to gain the meories she lost long ago and to get away from her master. She really wants to become part of a family even though she cant have one not being human. Due to her enticing looks and high intelligence, Poterya easily and effectively plays the role of manipulator even though she despises it.


Poterya has amazing regenitive abilities and can extend her fingertips into long, flexible, thin blades sharp enough to cut through just about anything with ease. The length to which her fingers are able to stretch has not been shown to have any particular limit as well.

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