Name: Nanashi

Age: Unknown, estimated as somewhere in his late teens.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 68 kg

Occupation: Soldier of Fortune


When Nanashi first woke up at Luberia Fortress, he had no recollection of who or where he was.  All he had were the clothes on his back. His saviors from Luberia gave him the name Nanashi, meaning 'nameless'.


Nanashi is generally a happy and optimistic person, nearly always smiling. He can also be rather playful, teasing others who have a more gloomy or pessimistic outlook. He's always quick to donate to a cause, although he's not very rich and is often broke.


Nanashi dresses in white pants, a blue shirt, and a black scarf.  He has long, blonde hair covering his left eye and usually wears a black bandana underneath his hair.


Nanashi fights with a pair of Blast Force Sabre Shots known as Kaldea, and is quite proficient at combat with them, despite the obvious difficulties in wielding two weapons like that at once. His combat focuses on his ability to use Kaldea to move himself around the battlefield by grappling onto scenery and move about at speeds faster than can be achieved by simply running.


  • Nanashi is heavily inspired, personality-wise and appearance-wise, by the character of the same name from MAR.


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