The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. -Confucius


Name: Lilith Dolor

Nickname: Mistress of Shadows,

Race: Demon

Age: 19

Birth date: October 31st

Height: 6'10" (208cm)

Weight: 300lbs (136kg)

Weapon: Hei'an and Jiang

Ability: Darkness

Sibling: Gyvate (twin)

Likes: Having fun, Fighting, and Cooking

Dislikes: Being yelled at, and arrogant people.

Appearance Edit

Lilith has a small build and tan skin. She has a large scar on her right eye from when she was younger. She has light brown eyes, and has a pair of green glasses. Lilith has long red hair that she keeps in a sideways braid. Lilith wears a a light blue tank top with several violet horizontal stripes. The lower half of her body is not human. The complete lower half of her body is like a lion (think of a centaur but lion like). Her fur is red just like her hair. Her human hands also have claws.

Personality Edit

Lilith is a kind girl with a strong conviction and is almost always happy. She also can have moments of clarity and can even give good advice which she seldom does. Lilith can be immature a lot of the time but, she can act incredibly mature in times of need. Lilith loves to have fun and enjoys too have a good time. She loves meeting new people and making friends. Lilith loves to fight. She can be a little blood thirsty sometimes. She is never one to shy away from her friends when they are in need and doesn’t think twice about protecting her friends. Although Lilith seems like a ball of fun and joy deep down she is lonely. She can also be a little bit of a bitch to people she just met and especially to those who are arrogant.



Hei'an and Jiang are Lilith’s weapon. They are a pair of massive Dao swords with large ribbons at the bottoms. Hei'an has a violet ribbon while Jiang has a light blue one. Lilith is increadable skilled with her Doas because of her rigorous training she received as a young girl. She also wears Dunst infused nail polish to allow her yo use her shadow powers.

Darkness attacks

Lilith is a demon and has the power to control the power of darkness.

Shadow Roar : Lilith's signature attack she releases a large burst of shadows from her mouth. Powerful enough to create a massive creator where it lands.

Shadow Slash: Lilith covers his arm in shadows and slashes her target increasing her damage. She can also launch them making crescent shadow like blades.

Shadow Crushing Fang: Lilith generates shadows from her hands and uses them to make a massive jaw and crushes them.

Shadow Ball: Lilith can create balls of shadows in her hands and can throw them at her opponent.

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