The first idea the child must acquire is that of the difference between good and evil.
— Maria Montessori

Good girls don't get all the fun...So what's wrong with being a bit bad?
— Katelyn Corvo


Name: Katelyn Corvo

[1]Added by The Silent Knight

Age: 18

Nickname: Mistress Of Fear

Gender: Female

Race: Demon

Birthday: December 15 

Height: 181cm (5' 9")

Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs.)


Katelyn Corvo, upon intial inspection, looks like your average Fauna: A human with animal parts, and nothing would  ( [2]Appearance in flight Added by The Silent Knight) seem out of the ordinary, except for the wings; They are not that of a beautiful bird, but that of the crow, with a massive 30 foot wingspan. Her clothing reflects her dark nature: red undershirt, with a grey and red jacket that she leaves opened, grey and red combat boots, grey leather gloves,  grey rimmed red-lensed goggles, and grey shorts held up with a red belt. Her lightly tanned skin and black hair don't set her apart from a crowd, but her eyes often do. 

However, at first glance, she is quite the looker, and she is not ashamed to use those looks to draw in her victims. Beware, all ye who cross her, your mind will be gone by the time she be done with you. 

As if at will, her eyes change from a hazel color to a jet black, and you best run when that happens, because it doesn't signal anything good to those on the receiving end of her gaze. The sharp black streaks are another part of her crow nature, mimicking the eyes of the ugly black bird.

She keeps a custom black sheath for her sword, allowing her to still use her wings. She also carries a red-handled whip in a holster on her hip, as well as a small knife in a sheath underneath the sleeves of her undershirt. However it looks, she's very well armed.


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Authors' Notes[6]Edit

  • Last Name Corvo is the Italian word for 'crow'
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