As I noticed we have many OC's on this site, i figured I would offer my services to help you come up with something if you're feeling a bit stuck.

And by my services, I mean pointing you to possibly the best site for OC creation help. This site has advice articles and articles that help you come up with better backstories, characters, or even races. It has random generators if you are feeling stuck on a part of your characters story, history, personality, flaws, and so much more! It even has a test you can take that can help you figure out whether or not your character is OP or as mary sue. I've taken the test, and found I may want to both add more to my story and tweak it a bit to keep it from becoming a gary stu. This is literally the best possible site to use for OC creation.

Check it out here!

Of course, I'm still available if you would like some tips and/or criticism for your character. Always glad to help!

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