Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -Confucius


Name: Gyvate Dolor

Nickname: Master of Poison

Race: Demon


Birthdate: October 31st

Height: 6'4 (194cm)

Lenght: 32'10" (10m)

Weight: 400lbs (181 kg)

Weapons: Claws, and Scalls

Ability: Poison

Sibling: Lilith (twin)

Likes: Legends

Dislikes: Ignorant twits


Gyvate has a light build and tan skin. He has long crimson hair and light brown eyes. His bottom half is like a snake. He has emerald scales all over his tail and scattered ruby colored ones. He also has claws and scals going up his arm. Gyvate wears an emerald tee-shirt with a lime strip at the top. He also wears and emerald coat with a white trim and belt.


Gyvate is a quiet person and keeps to himself. He doesnt care for meeting new people and would just rather stay home to practice or read a legend. He is very cautious. He doesnt like to go out and have "fun" or adventeur, and would much rather go out to talk about weapons or gather supplies