Name: Giovanna Divus

Nickname: The Diva

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'2" (158 cm)

Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)

Race: Vampire

Weapon: Music

Family: Unknown

Likes: Singing

Dislikes: Loseing



Giovanna has short black hair and saphire eyes. She wears a dark blue dress and black shoes. She has a black ribbion around her neck and blue stockings.


Giovanna is essentially a child, with a psychopathic streak of selfishness. Giovanna hates humans. Giovanna is sadistic, and kills for pleasure. Giovanna has a ruthless nature wrapped in an often child-like demeanor. She giggles after killing people, shows little reaction to the death of her own allies with the exception of a few people. She tends to destroy things when bored. Giovanna seems to enjoy tormenting people. Giovanna is incredibly fearless, and mindlessly will go into battle.


Giovanna uses her voice as her weapon. It allows her to control any monster that litsens to her singing. She can also create massive sonic blasts from screaming. She can also mimic the voice of any person that she has heard. She can also create an illusion  from her songs. She can even kill people that have her blood. She can also create barriers that she can make any size and differnt power.