Azrael Pendragon

Name: Azrael Pendragon

Age: Mid 20s

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Hair: Unknown

Eyes: Dark Blue

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 81 kg

Profession: "Acquirer of Sought-After Objects", "Reliever of Excess & Unnescessary Life"


Azrael is a tall man who is usually wrapped up in a long, dark green cloak with a motif of intercecting curved lines on the back.  He wears this because his job often involves sneaking into places, and dark green or dark blue are a lot harder to spot in the dark than actual black. The design on the back stands out, but he blatantly refuses to take it off, because it is, according to him, 'stylish'. He wears a skeleton mask, covering up his face. 


He is fond of cats and curry.  When he's not currently on the job, he adopts a very casual and silly demeanor.  He has trouble understanding the intricacies of the normal human mind.  When he goes to assassinate someone relieve someone of their excess life, if they challenge him to a game to determine the outcome he will gladly except, as he often gets bored. He is proficient at playing chess, but he always has trouble remembering how the knights move. 

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Azrael carries Quoth and Mort. For stealth, he also has a hidden blade up each sleeve. He doesn't like using these, as he finds it unfair and boring.  When engaging in combat, he can attach Mort to the top of Quoth in the stye of a war scythe. When he does this, he can fire Mort forward and use it like a flail. Another technique he uses is having Quoth in his left hand and using it for defense while he attacks with Mort in his right hand.


Born as an orphan in an impoverished area, he worked hard to save up money to buy a weapon so that he could move up in the world. However, all he was able to afford was a scythe, a farming tool.  Still, he took it and practiced with it. However, he found it unwieldy, and ended up taking off the blade to use it as a staff. He earned a name for himself as a mercenary, willing to complete any task. With all of the money he earned, he was able to buy his signature weapon.


  • Azrael is inspired, personality-wise, by the Discworld Series' Death.
  • Professionaly, he is known only by his first name, as his surname is not widely known.
  • Azreal has 7 of the exact same cloak so that he never has to wear something else until laundry day.
  • Azrael's surname, Pendragon, was the surname of King Arthur in camelot mythology.
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