Name: Attikus Tonitrus

Title: Thunder Master

Sex: Female

Height: 6ft (182 cm)

Weight: 180 lbs (80 kg)

Race: Vampire

Age: unknown

Weapon: Lightning

Fighting Style: Sneak Attacks

Likes: His Misstress

Dislikes: His Misstress' enemies


Attikus has long blonde hair and grey eyes. He has a massive scar hon his left eye. He wears a grey shirt and pants both with yellow trim. He also has large grey wings and white fangs.


Attikus is a peace loving person. He is also the only one who can calm Giovanna down. He really doesnt like to battle, but he will if he has too. He loves his misstress but sometimes wants someone else and feels like Giovanna doesnt care about him.


Attikus is an extremely powerful vampire, able to destroy entire armies with a single bolt of lightning. He is quite skilled in  hand-to-hand combat and was easily able to match an expert in martial arts.


  • Lightning bolt attack: Attikus' most common attack, a lightning bolt is alternatively summoned from the sky or fired directly from his hand.
  • Lightning burst: By outstretching his hand, Attikus is able to generate enough electric force to disintegrate anything within a two feet of his arm.
  • Energy bullet: Attikus is able to generate enough eletric energy to create an enormous sphere of lightning.
  • Thunder breath: Attikus has the ability to fire thunder from his mouth, which generates an intense blast, energy.
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