Name: Asim Akiiki

Title: The Lost One

Race: Half-Demon

Sex: Male

Color: Red/White

Age: 21

Height: 6'5 (193 cm)

Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)

Weapon: Set and Ivory

Likes: Sand, his Little Sister

Dislikes: His Father


Asim has green eyes and snow white hair. He has a scar in between his eyes from when he protected his younger sister from their father. He has a pair of red goggles and a red and white scarf. He wears a red and white hoodie. He also has white and red shorts and a pair of red sneakers.


Asim is the most kind of Cleopatra's siblings. He always tries to negotiate and never wants jump into battle. He always protects those who cannot protect themselves. He has a high moral compass and does not fight or kill blindly. He is very kind and does not hesitate to give to people.


Asim uses two pistols named Set and Ebony. Set has the ability to control sand and bend it to its masters will. Asim usually uses sand for bullets for Set. Ivory has the ability to control thunder and lightning. Asim uses lightning as bullets or Ivory.

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